SPARKS Upgrade Download Page

This page provides access to the latest update of SPARKS studbook management software.

This is not an official Species360 site, but rather is provided as an alternative means for Species360 members to get access to the latest upgrades files for SPARKS.


The current distributed version is 1.66.


Please contact Species360 for further information about or help with SPARKS.

To update SPARKS to version 1.66, download and extract the files from into your existing SPARKS folder, overwriting any files that already exist.  Create a new desktop icon for this Sparks16.exe file.  If you already have an icon for one of the Sparks 1.5 versions, you may continue to use it if you wish.  Both 1.5 and 1.6 will use the same studbook data, they are not duplicated in any way. 

This is not a full install - if you do not already have a previous version of SPARKS installed on your computer, contact your institution's Species360 rep to get an installation for SPARKS. This should provide you with version 1.66. If not, then download this upgrade and install the upgrade files, as described above.  

Download the Sparks upgrade now.

Note! SPARKS has a known bug that affects exports to the PMx program if you set an “end date” for your filtered view that is earlier than the last deaths that were recorded in the studbook. In such cases, the export file gives an incorrect death date for animals that died after the end date for the export. Those animals are listed as having died on the last date that they were transferred between institutions before the end date (whereas, given that end date, they should be recorded as still alive at the end of the specified view).

Changes last made on: 3 March 2017