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MetaModel Manager

Platform for linking models into metamodels


“Metamodels” provide a novel approach to species risk assessment for systems in which diverse threats are most effectively addressed through different disciplines, act at different spatiotemporal scales, or interact in non-linear ways. A metamodel links multiple, discrete models that depict separate components of a complex system, governing the flow of information between models and the sequence of events in the simulation process. Each discrete model simulates processes specific to its disciplinary realm while being informed of changes in other parts of the metamodel by accessing common descriptors of the system, populations, and individuals. Interactions among models are revealed as emergent properties of the system. MetaModel Manager is a new platform to implement this approach for extending wildlife risk assessment beyond single-species population viability analysis. MetaModel Manager allows any number of models representing species demography, diseases, landscapes, human actions, or other processes to be linked to models of population dynamics.


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Citation of software:

Pollak, J.P., & R.C. Lacy. 2017. MetaModel Manager. Version 1.0.4. Chicago Zoological Society, Brookfield, Illinois, USA.

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MetaModel Manager is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.



Note: If the msi installation file does not work for you, try downloading the zip file, extracting the two files, and then running setup.exe.


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