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FAQs will periodically be added to the pages for each software package below. Answers to the FAQs may or may not be provided (!) and users are encouraged to submit both proposed FAQs and answers via the forms on the pages. Submitted FAQs may or may not be included, at the sole discretion of the website manager. Please ask questions about the use of the software tools only, not about modeling in general or conservation issues.


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Q:>  I followed the normal procedure to install Vortex in my laptop. This laptop is a MacBook with the virtual machine Parallels so it's able to use Windows software. Once everything is installed and I run Vortex, the initial window pops up but when I click on new project, it just disappears and nothing happens. In the other hand, when I do the same on Eddy everything works as expected. Any possible explanation/solution? Thanks!

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