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Software tools for species risk assessment, conservation planning, and population management


Many, many colleagues have contributed key ideas, software code, extensive testing, and encouragement for the tools provided on this website. Among them are:

  • Anne Baker
  • Jonathan Ballou
  • Laurie Bingaman Lackey
  • Onnie Byers
  • Carlos Carroll
  • Rich Frederickson
  • Laura Hungerford
  • Jamie Ivy
  • Kristin Leus
  • Philip Miller
  • Philip Nyhus
  • Carlo Pacioni
  • JP Pollak
  • Thomas Prowse
  • Becky Raboy
  • Kathy Traylor-Holzer
  • Sara Zeigler


Funding for the development of the software tools has been provided by:

  • Chicago Zoological Society
  • Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services
  • Species 360
  • Auckland Zoo
  • Zoological Society of London
  • San Diego Zoo Global
  • Copenhagen Zoo
  • San Francisco Zoo
  • Living Desert
  • St Louis Zoo
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Raincoast Conservation Foundation
  • Oceans Initiative
  • US National Science Foundation
  • Donna Myers and Aaron Lebovitz
  • IUCN SSC Conservation Breeding Specialist Group
  • Morris Animal Foundation
  • George B Rabb Award for Conservation Innovation
  • Donations from individual users of the software (Thank you!)




Partners and Sponsors of the Species Conservation Toolkit Initiative

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